Wonderful Success In Science

Backing up the success of ƽ̳ science students in the 2021 University of Queensland Wonder of Science challenge, our 2022 science teams have continued to dominate in the competition.

Our success in last year's challenge inspired student participation in this year's event where we again achieved great success.

Our budding scientists came up against some very tough competition, but that didn't stop all six of our teams from placing in the Top 3:

  • Year 7 Team #1 - 1st Place: Siya, Amelia, Makayla
  • Year 7 Team #2 - 3rd Place: Minou, Faith, Amelia
  • Year 8 Team #1 - 2nd Place: Ashley, Marta
  • Year 8 Team #2 - 3rd Place: Reever, Will, Skylar
  • Year 9 Team #1 - 1st Place: Aaron, Phoebe, Elizabeth
  • Year 9 Team #2 - 2nd Place: Isabel, Molly, Emily-Louise, Surani

In preparation, students were assigned a topic at the start of Term 3 and had to design an experiment, collect and analyse valid data, and present their findings to students from other schools as well as a panel of science PhD students (the judges). In between their presentations, students were extracting DNA from fruit and participated in a Lego engineering challenge.

The 1st Place winners in our Years 7 and 9 teams now have the opportunity to travel to Brisbane and represent ƽ̳ at the State level.

This great achievement is a testament to the College's strong science program and expert teachers. A big thank you to our passionate teachers who supported and mentored the students - Ms Penelope Deamer, Mrs Michelle Cummings, Mrs Claudia Johnson and Mr Harry Venter.

We invite you to experience the PLC difference for yourself.

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